Our website is updated daily to reflect our current available inventory of motorcycles, ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Trailers, and Cars. If you see a vehicle on any other website and you do not see it here on our website then it has already sold. You can also come in during our regular business hours to view them. We have 3 buildings that store bikes so when you get here make sure to ask where you can look at them.

Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday – Friday 10:00a.m – 5:00p.m.
Saturday 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Sunday and Monday - CLOSED

Yes, there are usually (3 – 100) other new arrivals that have not been listed. You would have to come in to see any of those or to get any details on them. There are no details that can be discussed over the phone concerning any new arrivals because they are in the back building and the sales people on the phone cannot look at them. Once we have details we will post the vehicle on the site. You can come in and check them out and make offer and purchase them as is.

We accept the following forms of payment:
CASHIERS CHECK (purchased from your bank or credit union.)
BANK TO BANK WIRE TRANSFER (this method can take 2 hours to 3 days depending on bank.)
(See also PAYMENTS Page for details)

We accept the following forms of payment:

Yes we do take trade-ins and we will also give instant CASH on the Spot for bikes. You have to bring it in and we will look it over and make you an offer.

That all depends on the overall condition of the vehicle, current market value and time of year. We would need to see the vehicle in person to give you an exact quote. You are welcome to call and we can give you an approximate value. No matter what condition the bike is in we will give you an instant CASH offer. Call if you have any questions or concerns.

Yes, you can, however, there are no start ups or test rides without cash in hand and price agreement, this means if you plan on making an offer do it BEFORE you spend a bunch of time on the bike odds are we will say yes or no to an offer in seconds and save everyone all the time. You must at minimum have a 20% deposit to put down on the vehicle in cash, REAL cash NOT a credit card. There is a $10 non-refundable test ride fee that goes towards the purchase of the bike. Also, you must have a valid motorcycle endorsement (for motorcycles) or Drivers license (for cars). Vehicles may or may not be fully functional and are sold as is so during a test ride or drive, you assume all responsibility for any and all damages that may occur to the vehicle, yourself or any other persons or property. In the event that you damage the vehicle in the test drive / ride you must pay for all repairs prior to leaving unless you decide to purchase the vehicle. Racers Edge nor the property owner are responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur. If you are not confident to perform the test ride we are more than happy to ride or drive the vehicle for you.

We cannot by law recommend that you ride or drive any vehicle home. Once you purchase the vehicle you are fully responsible for the transportation. If you choose to drive or ride it home you do so at your own discretion. We recommend that you bring a truck or trailer to transport the bike. If you decide to ride the bike home and something happens battery dies, etc. we cannot come to help you with it. You would have to contact a tow company or AAA to have it picked up or jump started.

Our phone lines are busy often. If the phone rings busy it is because we are talking to other customers. Please try calling back in a few moments. You will get through eventually.

Some titles may state "not actual" for mileage, this does not mean the mileage is not actual in most cases this happens with newer bikes with digital gauges and they leave the bikes sit at the insurance and repo lots and the batteries go dead and they dont know how, or want to take the time to take the bike apart and jump the battery to get the mileage to read so they just write down zero on the title ... when we get it we do the work and get the mileage and record it, so mileage status on title is NOT guaranteed.

No Racers Edge does not provide temporary tags because most of the vehicles we sell have a Salvage title and cannot be tagged until inspected. We transfer most titles within a week and it saves you money to just wait for the title and get the permanent tag.

Someone has put a deposit down on the motorcycle or ATV. We are under contract with that person to hold the bike until the date listed on the website.

Anyone can put a vehicle on hold for 30 days by putting a 20% non-refundable deposit down on the vehicle. Please go to our PAYMENTS page for terms and conditions.

Salvage title means that an insurance company had to pay off the vehicle at one time. It does not always mean that the vehicle was a total loss. In some cases the vehicle may have little or no damage at all. Most of the bikes we get to remarket have only cosmetic damage and most are ride able as is. In order to get a license plate and ride a salvage title bike you will need to have a salvage inspection done on it first. You should contact your local BMV or DMV to inquire of the process your state requires to obtain a Rebuilt or Clear Title. Every state has different rules to obtain a Rebuilt Title and we do not know all of them. We have sold 1000s of Salvage title vehicles for all the major insurance companies and have never seen one not be able to obtain a Rebuilt title and get tags. The BMV just wants to inspect the vehicle to be sure that it is road worthy and that you have not installed any stolen parts on the vehicle. Make sure to keep all receipts for any parts that you install. Most states if not all require that if you install a used part that you obtain a receipt from the seller with the VIN# of the vehicle the part was taken from. You do not always have to fix every dent , ding or scratch. Just let them know that you plan on riding the bike as is for cheap transportation and you do not care how it looks. All states would want to make sure that your Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Speedometer, Mirrors are installed and in good working order. Please contact the Salvage inspection station or Department in your state for details on what they require to be repaired or replaced.

Cleared title means that this vehicle previously had a Salvage title and now has a Rebuilt Salvage title. This means that it has already been inspected by the state it was titled in previously and has passed all inspections. It can be bought, sold, titled, licensed the same as a clear, original title. The title may or may not retain Salvage history depending on the state, but is free and clear ready to transfer and license.

Clear title means that this vehicle has a free and clear original Ohio title ready to transfer and license.

BOS aka “Bill of Sale” means that this vehicle is being sold with a Bill of Sale as parts only. You may or may not be able to obtain a builders title for this vehicle. However, if it is a trailer they only come with a Bill of Sale or MCO and will need a weight certificate for registration.

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