Making a Payment or wanting to put money down to hold a vehicle? Here are your options

Legal: - All buyers are directed to this page in order to get information to send a payment, therefore reading and agreeing to all policies of this page as if it is a signed contract.

NOTE - No Personal Checks, Money Orders or Credit Cards on Vehicles - Cashiers Checks, Bank Transfers or Cash Only
We do take Checks and Credit Cards on Merchandise, just not Vehicles

Step #1 - Call us and make sure the vehicle you want to purchase is available.

Step #2 - Make a deposit to hold or payment in full to purchase the vehicle.

Option #1 Come in with cash or a Certified Check made out to Racers Edge note if you plan to bring in a bank check to purchase and leave with a vehicle it must be done during the hours your bank is open, we must talk to your bank if we can not talk to your bank then you will have to wait till we can before the vehicle can leave.
Note: A certified bank check is not the same as a personal check, we DO NOT take personal checks on vehicles.
If you have any doubts about your bank being open when you come here to pick up a vehicle just bring cash we always take cash no matter what.

Option #2 Mail Us Your Payment, Go to your local bank and have them make out a Certified Check to Racers Edge Include all your personal information Name, Address, Phone, and The Year Make Model Vehicle you are wanting to put a deposit down on or make a payment towards and mail it to:

Racers Edge
2860 State Route 125
Bethel, OH 45106

Option #3 Bank Transfer Your Payment, Go to your local bank or call them and have them do a direct transfer or wire transfer of funds to our account you will need to give them the following information.
Name of Bank Account: Racers Edge Motorcycles
Routing: 042206574 / Account: 1255448 / Bank Name: River Hills Bank
Bank Address: 553 Chamber Drive Milford, OH 45150

Please send an odd amount like $200.23 reason is we get a lot of deposit and if everyone sent even amount like $200 we would never figure out who actually sent $200 to put a bike on hold so please round up the payment to an odd amount and then,
Please send us a email letting us know the Exact Amount and Year, Make, Model, Mileage of vehicle your payment is for to:

In event that the vehicle sells before we receive payment Racers Edge is not responible for any bank or transfer fee that may have applied

International Buyers Only: you will need the following information

Incoming Wire Instructions: U.S. Bank, National Association
Minneapolis, MN
ABA: 042000013
Further Credit to: RiverHills Bank
DDA: 130113745488
For the benefit of: Racers Edge Motorcycles LLC.
DDA: 1255448
Special Remarks: (put year, make, model, mileage of vehicle payment is for here)

Step #3 - Check our website for the vehicle to be updated as "sold" or "on hold" check the hold till date and make sure to get us your next payment at least 5 days before that date or pay off the vehicle which ever you can do.

Step #4 - Once paid in full come pick up your vehicle or or have us deliver it, we deliver within 100 miles of Cincinnati OH call for delivery prices, or have a shipping company pick it up and delivery it to you, once your bike is paid just post the bike on uship and have trucking companies bid on shipping your bike if you give it 1-2 weeks you will have shippers bidding on delivering your bike for as cheap as $200-550 depending on how far you are from Ohio.

Option #4 - $30 Care Pack: is something you can opt into at the time of purchase. The Care Pack is while your vehicle is here we will do the following 1: install a battery tender pig tail lead so the bike can be plugged into a battery tender without taking anything apart 2: and we will put the bike on one of our battery tenders. 3: and we will put stabilizer in the gas and run it into the carbs or fuel injection system 4: and we will maintain the tire pressure the whole time it is here.

Option #5 - $60 Care Pack: is the same as $30 care pack but you get to take the brand new Battery Tender JR plug in wall charger with you. The battery tender cost $39.99 by itself.

Care Pack Purchase Policy The purchase of a care pack does not guarantee that the battery or vehicle will be in perfect running condition but that it will be maintained in the condition it was in at the time of first deposit, if you do not opt in to a care pack when you get here to pick it up, it may have a dead battery, gas may have gone bad, tires may be low or flat and cause flat spots in the tires that you can feel while moving, bike may not start, we highly recommend getting a care pack if its going to be more than a month to pay off the vehicle. In the event that vehicle is not paid in full and picked up or an additional minimum 20% deposit is made by hold till date the vehicle will be put back up for sale and buyer will forfeit all deposits.

If payment is not paid before the hold till date and the vehicle is not sold there is a late payment fee of $15 per day. Please remember the hold till date on the website is your forfeiture date your payment is due 5 days before that.

Vehicle Hold / Purchase Policy: Units Can Be Held 30 Days with a Minimum $200 or 20% (whichever is greater) Non Refundable Deposit

You can make monthly payments of a minimum 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle per month.

If the vehicle is not paid and picked up by the 7th day after first deposit is made, customer is charged an additional $50.00 storage fee per month.

In the event that the vehicle is not paid in full and picked up or additional minimum 20% deposit is not made by the last hold date listed the vehicle will be put back up for sale and customer will forfeit all deposits. LATE PAYMENTS: If payment is not paid before the last payment due date and the vehicle has not been sold, you may Continue the Hold/Purchase of vehicle but there is a late payment fee of $15.00 per day.

You are responsible for storage fees no matter who is responsible for picking up the vehicle, ie if your shipper is late picking up the vehicle all storage fees must be paid before vehicle will be released.

If the vehicle is paid in full and not picked up after 6 months it will go back up for sale and all payments forfeited.

Mileage Disclamer: - Some titles may state "not actual" for mileage, this does not mean the mileage is not actual in most cases this happens with newer bikes with digital gauges and they leave the bikes sit at the insurance and repo lots and the batteries go dead and they dont know how, or want to take the time to take the bike apart and jump the battery to get the mileage to read so they just write down zero on the title ... when we get it we do the work and get the mileage and record it, so mileage status is NOT guaranteed.

Any vehicle with a Title has a $40 title transfer fee, we do collect sale tax here base on your state.

States We Collect Vehicle Sales Taxes For
Arizona - 6.60%
California - 8.25%
Florida - 6.00%
Indiana - 7.00%
Massachusetts - 6.25%
Michigan - 6.00%
Ohio - 5-8% (depends on county)
South Carolina - 5.00%
Washington - 6.5%

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